It was a pleasure being out there with you all.  Our church needs the prayers.  Our religious need our support in this tough time.

Joy from Niagara Falls, 11/8/18


Like most devoted Catholics in WNY this (clerical sex abuse) situation has challenged my choice raising a son in today’s Catholic Church, never abandoning our Christian faith. God never promised us there won’t be struggles, but he did promise he’ll always be there to see us through them.  I believe groups like this are ways he’s doing just that.

Patti from Buffalo, 10/31/18


Thank you for organizing our faith community to utilize prayer our best tool against evil. Our Lord gave us the Holy Spirit that is planted within us all to strengthen and unite us when in prayer to work towards good. Daily let us remind each other in prayer we can overcome so much. I am with our community, and whenever possible physically together at the Mass times you scheduled, to show unity in making our statement for the Bishop to understand we need his action plans in this matter of injustice done to God's people. Keep up the good work, let me know how I can be of further help.

In Prayers, in Peace and in Love,

Anonymous, 9/25/18


On Friday, I attended Mass at St. Louis and then prayed the Rosary outside the Catholic Center.  Although I was alone, I felt the strength of the Lord in me.  The shade from the building and cooling breeze was a blessing on this 87 degree day.  I pray that other Catholics throughout WNY will join together at Mass and in prayer to strengthen our Catholic Church during this difficult time.  

Randy from Elma, 9/23/18